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Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace

Mark Twain once said, Varanasi is "older than history, older than tradition, older than legend, looks twice as old as all of them put together." This is the city where vast riches of Indian music, art and dance cultures took birth. And now, you can get an insight into this by witnessing a traditional cultural show at an authentic Brahmin refectory that dates back to the Peshwa period of the 19th century.

At the Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace, you can watch rich old dances and music such as the ancient Ahir dance performed by the cowherds, and kept alive by them through generations.

A tour around the Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace gives the visitor an insight into the Indian way of life. Benaras – oldest living city in the world comes alive as you witness some of the important rituals and pious activities on the banks of river Ganges.

Morning are an important time to learn, take stock of life; to devote to uncluttered prayer. This the Peshwa and the ancient Hindus understood. And this is the pattern for morning activities at the Amrit Rao Peshwa Palace for Arts, Religion & Culture. Visitors can witness the chanting of vedas as well as aarti, bhajans, kirtans, (all music-based forms of prayer). For the uninitiated, there will be discourses on yoga and meditation. Talks will further elaborate the timeless role and significance of river Ganges in the life of every Indian.

To miss it would leave your understanding of the holy Ganges - and an entire world of culture and heritage woven around it - incomplete.




(The  tour involves a short walk through the oldest and  the most famous narrow lanes of the older part of the city. A 45 minute cultural programme of classical and traditional folk dance  performed  by  a group of  renowned  artists  on  the terrace of the Haveli that commands a panoramic view of  the world famous Ghats of Varanasi.)



(The guests are welcomed at the Ghat with tikka and garlands while  Shehnai plays to welcome them. Local  Brahmins  Chant Shlokas  as  soon as the guest get inside the Haveli.  Upon entry  in  Haveli authentic Indian as  well  as  Breakfast (vegetarian  preparations)  is  served  in buffet/silver service.)

(The facade illuminated beautifully with lights and pathways lit up with diyas and light flower decorations all adorn the Haveli. The Ghat similarly lit up provides an unforgettable experience  while a large number of diyas are set afloat  on the river Ganges. Guests  are welcomed at the Ghat with Ganga Arti, tikka  and garlands while the Shenai is playing to welcome them at  the entrance. Local Brahmins chant shlokas as soon as the  guest get inside the haveli. Upon entry in the Haveli, Non-alcolic beverages  are  passed followed by a  Vegetarian  dinner.)


(The  entire  Haveli with the adjoining  temple  complex  is illuminated  and anesthetically decorated all  around  with lights,  flowers and earthen diyas. A large no of diyas  are also put at appropriate places in a around the Haveli. Guest are welcomed at the Ghat with Ganga Arti, tika and  garlands while  a  Shenai  plays to welcome  them  at  the  entrance. Thousands  of diyas are set afloat on the river. Fire  works add further to the experience of a delightful evening. Impact  of the Haveli is deeply felt while climbing  up  the steps and more particularly upon entry. Inside of the Haveli is housed the cultural Centre bringing to life a journey  of excitement  to  witness  the history,  culture,  tradition, heritage  and architectural marvels of ancient  city.  Local Brahmins chant hymns and offer prayers to bless the patrons. Typical local non-alcoholic drinks as well as aerated  water is  passed and authentic local vegetarian dinner  impeccably served  on Silver Salvers or terra-cotta thalis by waiters  especially attired in traditional Indian dresses. Sitar and Tabla plays in the courtyard during dinner. After dinner, guests are escorted to the terrace where  Tea and Coffee is served while they witness a Classical Indian Dance. Here on the terrace, one gets a panoramic view of  the centuries old ghats of Varanasi. Towards the end, there  are bhajans sung on the ghat, while guest prepare to leave.) 

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